Bird and butterfly nature guide apps

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Our Nature Guide series currently includes Pocket Guides and Pro Guides to the birds of Britain and the Netherlands, a guide to British butterflies and day-flying moths, a guide to the butterflies and day-flying moths of western Europe, and, our most recent app, a guide to British fungi - mushrooms, toadstools, bracket fungi, puffballs and more.

Suitable for everyone from complete beginners to keen naturalists, our apps help you quickly identify birds, butterflies and fungi when you are out and about, make a note of your sightings, record time, date and location and even share your discovery with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Our Guides include a selection of images for every species, each photo carefully chosen to show a particular plumage or feature. For example, for birds, images of the male, female, juvenile, breeding and non-breeding plumages or flight profile, and in some cases a labelled key image. High quality recordings of songs and calls are included for most birds, plus a map showing the distribution of the bird in Europe.

Bird and butterfly nature guide apps
Bird and butterfly nature guide apps
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